Our Messy Memories with Blitz

Parenthood can be tough, and fun of ups and downs but one of my favourite things about being a mum has to be making the best memories with my little humans.

Over the summer and especially during lockdown, I have made sure that we have made as many memories as we can together, especially ones that the girls can remember, and what better way that to get messy? One thing is for sure that my tow absolutely love anything messy, from mud kitchens to jumping in puddles – anything that involves mess, they’re all in.

When the weather hasn’t been great during lockdown, I have made sure that girls have always had something fun to do. From colouring in to finger painting, from baking to slime play – we have had so much fun making the biggest of messes and making the best memories.

Before I had babies, the thought of any mess anywhere in my house would have been my absolute nightmare. I also won’t lie, I have always been that Mum that just hated the thought of any form of messy play – I just despised the thought of tidying up all of the mess that they made, and with my girls believe me they get it everywhere! But I slowly realised whilst making these memories that a messy baby is most definitely a happy baby and you can see that just from looking at these photos!

You’d think that with all of the mess they’d made that the tidying up would take forever but it genuinely didn’t – all with the help of Regina Blitz!

Regina Blitz is an all purpose, multifunctional household towel that is suitable to clean up any job – big or small! From cleaning up spillages to the messiest of jobs – like finger paints – it really is the ideal household towel to get things clean again!

Like I say the thought of cleaning up after the kids used to put me off any form of mess, but Regina Blitz makes the whole cleaning malarkey 100 times easier and quicker which means more fun and less stress! I know for sure that I for one am so grateful to have discovered this towel which has helped us make so many amazing memories that I can treasure, and I am sure that they will be memories that the girls will always remember when times were a bit tough!

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